My Approach

There are many common concerns that therapy can offer help with. You may be experiencing sadness, anxiety, depression, fearfulness, addiction to alcohol or drugs, relationship difficulties, stress, eating disorders, bereavement or you may not know what is troubling you, just that something isn't right.

My approach is integrative which means I make use of a variety of different types of psychotherapeutic theories including CBT, humanistic and person-centred theories as well as hypnotherapy. The goal is to connect and better understand ourselves so that we can connect and better understand others.This allows us to engage in a more meaningful way with ourselves and the world around us.

I believe that the most effective role I can play in your wellness is to work collaboratively with you exploring and finding new ways of thinking. These can lead to insights into our own emotional world and help us to understand why we react the way we do. Ultimately, we will be working together to reach a level of self-knowledge that leads to a renewed connection to your own feelings and self. An exploration of the past as well as the here and now are both key in getting there. The relationship we form together will be the platform upon which you can build these new levels of understanding and knowledge. Together we will discover tools that will strengthen you from within, leading to a time when we will confidently and mutually agree to conclude your therapeutic relationship.

Counselling and psychotherapy is a process that takes place between people, usually in one to one meetings that last 55 minutes. The meetings, or sessions, take place at the same time, in the same place, usually every week. After an initial consultation session, we will agree to work together in a short term contract of between 6 to 12 sessions, or in an open ended arrangement that is regularly reviewed and assessed.

With time and space, we can reflect upon issues and difficulties, discovering resilience and clarity.